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IndiSum - Appetiser in Dimsum Size
Gunpowder Chicken 香脆雞塊
(Crunchy chicken nibbles exploding with gunpowder flavour)
Malabar Prawns
特式烤蝦 Hot spiced pan roasted prawns
Peri Peri Scallop
Bollywood Bravas
孟買風味香料薯仔 Bombay spiced potatoes with a Spanish twist
Kerala Crab Cakes (4 pcs)
印式香草蟹餅 Flash fried spiced crab cakes with spiced mayo
Veg Samosa (4pcs)
素菜餡角 Classic savory cones filled with peas & potatoes
Avocado Mango Bhel
牛油果芒果配脆米餅 The popular savory snack made with tangy puffed rice and peanuts & shallots comes with fresh mango & avocado
Masala Papad
印度薄餅 Crispy Poppadum sprinkled with onion & tomato
Anywhere Anytime
Pao Keema 印式香料羊肉配麵包
Minced spiced lamb with "Pao" bun bread
Punjabi Chole Bhature 雞豆配酥炸麵餅
The quintessential north Indian dish of spiced chickpeas with fluffy bread
Soup - Bowled Over
Badam Shorba
藏紅花杏仁湯 Almond and saffron soup
Tandoori - Smoking Good Stuff
Tandoori Mix Grill
炭燒雜錦燒烤 Assortment of Jumbo Prawn, Salmon Tikka, Lamb Kebab, Chicken Chettinad Tikka & Paneer Tikka
Tandoori Salmon
炭燒三文魚 Dill honey mustard marinated fresh salmon barbecued in clay oven
Chicken Chettinad Tikka
炭燒秘製雞柳 Chargrilled chicken brochettes marinated in spiced curry leaf pesto
Lamb Seekh Kebab
串燒羊肉卷 Soft skewered rolls of spiced minced lamb
Paneer Tikka
炭燒自家製茅屋芝士 Chargrilled chunks of homemade cottage cheese marinated in spiced mustard
Happiness is Biryani
Chicken Dum Biryani
雞柳香料炒飯 Saffron flavoured basmati rice cooked with tender chicken & fresh herbs "in dum"
Saffron Pullao
Steamed Rice
Vegetable Dum Biryani
雜菜炒飯 Basmati rice with seasonal vegetables in aromatic spices in sealed "Dum" style
Bread - I knead You
烤餅 Traditional white flour bread
Garlic Naan
蒜蓉烤餅 White flour bread with garlic
Pudina Parantha
薄荷千層麥餅 Layered whole wheat bread with fresh mint
Cheese Truffle Naan
松露芝士烤餅 Naan with cheese & truffle pate
Pudina Parantha
薄荷千層麥餅 Layered whole wheat bread with fresh mint
Beetroot Raita / Cucumber Raita
紅菜頭乳酪/青瓜乳酪 Homemade yoghurt
Mains - Keep Calm Curry On
Goan Prawn Curry
果亞咖喱蝦 A piquant delicacy from Goa
Parsi Patrani Macchi
蕉葉椰香烤鰽魚 Seabass fillet steamed in banana leaf marinated in coconut and coriander pesto
Chicken Makhani
奶油香滑雞 Pulled barbequed chicken seared in delicious tomato & butter sauce
Lamb Rogan Josh
洋蔥紅椒咖喱燴羊肉 Tender boneless lamb in an onion & red pepper sauce
Kadai Paneer
鑊仔芝士配洋蔥紅茄燈籠椒 Cubes of cottage cheese tossed in onion tomato salsa with bell peppers, divine!
Dal Makhani
奶油香草燴黑扁豆及紅腰豆 Black lentils & red kidney beans simmered on a slow fire with butter & spices
Baigan Bhurta
香草焗茄子蓉 Spiced eggplant caviar in onion & tomato masala
Sarson Ka Saag Makki Roti
印式菠菜蓉配鷹嘴豆烤餅 Spicy mustard greens with corn & gram flour roti
Dessert - Thanks for Pudding Up with Us
Mango Rasmalai
芒果濃奶甜芝士 Creamed cheese cooked in thickened mango flavored milk
Pan Shots
檳榔玫瑰味牛奶凍飲 Betel leaf and rose milk
Pan Shots with Rum
檳榔玫瑰味牛奶凍飲配冧酒 Betel leaf & rose milk with rum
Gulab Jamun
蜜汁圓球 Deep fried milk pastry soaked in a sugar syrup and served warm

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