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Vegetable Samosa 素菜餡角
Crispy coned patties with spiced potatoes & peas
Onion Bhaji 酥炸洋蔥圈
All time favourite!! Onion fritters in lentil flour
Podi Paneer Pockets 酥炸洋蔥圈
Crispy homemade cheese fritters in fiery gunpowder spice-mix
Avocado Mango Dahi Poori 牛油果芒果伴脆麵餅
Savoury puffs stuffed with avocado, potato & spiced salsa with mango and yoghurt dips
  $88 (6pcs)
Mulligatawny 扁豆湯
Mildly spiced lentil soup
Tamatar Ka Shorba 純蕃茄湯
Mildly spiced tomato soup
All prices are subject to a 10% service charge 另加一服務費
Chicken Tikka 炭燒雞柳
Chargrilled chicken brochettes marinated in yoghurt and subtle spices
Tandoori Chicken 招牌烤春雞
Barbecued spring chicken marinated in a saffron flavoured spiced yoghurt
$128 (half) $198 (full)
Lamb Seek Kebab 串燒羊肉卷
Tender chunks of lamb marinated in freshly grounded herbs & ginger garlic paste
Fish Tikka 炭燒鮫魚
Chunks of fresh mackerel grilled to a melt in your mouth finish
Paneer Tikka 印式烤芝士
Chargrilled chunks of homemade cheese marinated in mint & coriander pesto
All prices are subject to a 10% service charge 另加一服務費
Lamb Roganjosh 洋蔥紅辣椒燴羊肉
Tender boneless lamb in an onion & red pepper sauce
Lamb Korma 腰果蓉紅花羊肉
Tender lamb cooked with cashew nuts & poppy seeds paste flavoured with saffron
Chicken Makhani 牛油紅茄燴雞肉
Boneless pieces of Tandoori chicken cooked in smooth butter & tomato sauce
Chicken Tikka Masala 洋蔥紅茄香汁燴雞球
Barbecued chicken cooked in a subtle onion & tomato sauce
Kadai Murg 鑊仔嚤囉香料雞
A specialty of Peshawar, chicken cooked in a Kadai (an Indian wok)
Goan Prawn Curry 果亞咖喱蝦
Fresh Boston lobster in piquant coconut sauce
Paneer Makhani 奶油紅茄燴芝士
Cottage cheese in a smooth butter & tomato sauce
Malai Kofta 滑汁芝士球
Cottage cheese rolls in a rich mild sauce
Saag Paneer 菠菜蓉芝士
Perfect combination of cheese & spinach
Aloo Ghobi 草馬鈴薯燴椰菜花
Fresh cauliflower flowerets & potatoes tossed in dry herbs & spices
Balti Chole Pindiwale 秘製雞心豆
Chickpeas cooked to a secret recipe
Bhindi Masala 香草洋蔥煮秋葵
Lady fingers cooked with onion & tomatoes, seasoned with aromatic herb
Dal Makhani 奶油香草燴黑扁豆及紅腰豆
Black lentils & red kidney beans simmered on a slow fire with butter & spice
Dal Tarka 燜黃扁豆
Yellow lentils tempered home-style
All prices are subject to a 10% service charge 另加一服務費
Vegetable Dum Biryani 雜菜香料炒飯
Saffron flavoured basmati rice cooked with fresh vegetables in “DUM”
Saffron Pullao 紅花香味飯
Basmati rice with saffron & herbs
Garlic Naan 蒜蓉烤餅
White flour bread with garlic
Butter Naan 牛油烤餅
White Flour bread with butter
Laccha Paratha 千層麥餅
Layered whole wheat bread
Roti 脆烤麥餅
Crisp dry whole wheat bread
All prices are subject to a 10% service charge 另加一服務費







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